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From the latest issue (Volume 5)

1 Globalizing Decency: Responsible Engagement in an Era of Economic Integration by Craig Forcese

2 When Intent Makes All the Difference in the World: Economic Sanctions on Iraq and the Accusation of Genocide by Joy Gordon

3 Microcredit: Fulfilling or Belying the Universalist Morality of Globalizing Markets? by Kenneth Anderson

4 Pursuing the Path of Indigenization in the Era of Emergent International Law Governing the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by Robert B. Porter

5 Reclaiming Humanity: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights as the Cornerstone of African Human Rights by Shedrack C. Agbakwa

6 Dealing with Witnesses in War Crime Trials: Lessons from the Yugoslav Tribunal by Patricia M. Wald

7 Wiwa v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co.: A New Standard for the Enforcement of International Law in U.S. Courts? by Aaron Xavier Fellmeth

8 From Laggard to Leader: Canadian Lessons on a Role for U.S. States in Making and Implementing Human Rights Treaties by Koren L. Bell  

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Highlights from previous issues

Implementing Human Rights in ASEAN Countries: "Promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep" by Li-ann Thio
Until relatively recently, human rights have not played a prominent role in the deliberations of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Professor Li-ann Thio of the National University of Singapore asserts that this is changing at a rapid pace, although not in such a way as to justify the creation of a full-fledged Asian human rights regime. In this Article, she explores and critiques the cultural, institutional, and economic factors widely cited as obstacles to the promotion of human rights in the region, and argues ultimately for a subregional human rights system that can take advantage of ASEAN's existing political infrastructure.

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Mission Statement

The Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal aims to explore the tension and congruence between human rights and development. There is much discussion and debate over what these concepts mean and how they interrelate. These issues demand holistic, cross-cutting analysis, and so the Journal encourages writings that draw upon various academic disciplines, such as political science, public policy, economics, health and sociology.

We feature pieces representing the broadest possible range of perspectives. We welcome pieces that focus on different fields within the law, such as constitutional law, economic regulation, international law, and institutional reform, as well as pieces dealing with issues that arise in national (including U.S.), regional, and international contexts, in both the "industrialized" and the "developing" world.

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Joanne Savage - Articles Editor
Malcolm Seymour - Editor-in-Chief
Katherine Southwick - Executive Editor
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Tahlia Townsend - Executive Editor
Tina Tran - "Notes from the Field" Editor

The Junior Editors
Jennifer Kravitz, Alison Stocking, Heloisa Griggs, Thomas McCasland, Mollie Lee, Maria Pulzetti, Adam Choppin, Eunice Lee, Jane Gao, Rebecca Tinio, Rebecca Charnas, Joseph Blocher, Nicholas Robinson, Marc Silverman, Lea Bishop, Nawreen Sattar, Nusrat Choudhury, Paul Breloff, Michelle Garcia, Johanna Kalb, Nora Bojar, David Harris, Andrew S. Lee, Bijal Shah, Seth Green, Jean Han, Christopher Muha, Teeb Alsamarrai, Julie Maupin, Abigail Horn, Marah Stith, Hillary Forden

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